The rationale behind it

It is no coincidence that entry to the museum is via the Société Laitière de Laval A. Besnier et Cie façade. In the 1950s, this is precisely where the collection lorries full of milk churns arrived at the end of what was previously Rue du Moulin.

Since 1933, following the lead of company founder André Besnier, we have witnessed and played a part in the metamorphosis of our profession. From a thousand-year-old dairy tradition, a state-of-the-art industrial activity has emerged.

Here, we tell the fascinating story in a unique setting that is a delight for the eyes and the taste buds!

What you will discover here

Opening onto the former 1948 dairy, La Cité du Lait first plunges us into the atmosphere of the 1950s. The reconstruction will help you appreciate the context and how the dairy was organised, and understand the professions and skills that paved the way for industrialisation thanks to the machines and tools used by the employees to make Camembert and butter.

In an area dedicated to the museum’s collections, you will come across objects of varying origins and times. They were used to transport milk and produce dairy products and are of unequalled cultural value. They demonstrate our forebears’ ingenuity in preserving and adding value to a precious raw material.

During your visit, you will see how traditional production methods have evolved over time to reach their modern level. However, milk is still a natural, live product and while the tools have changed, the transformation process has not.

Finally, on the first floor of the museum you will learn about the Lactalis Group. This area provides an opportunity to discover the adventure of a small Laval business that is now the world leader in its field with a presence on all five continents thanks to its products and brands. The third generation has remained faithful to its origins and is perpetuating its expertise to continue to provide healthy, tasty products that bring people together.

Visiting La Cité du Lait

Guided tours only (1½ to 2 hours)

La Cité du Lait offers a cultural experience within a unique, structured scenography.

Head back to the 1950s and discover Laval’s old dairy, where the memory and expertise of those who came before us abound.

Continue your journey amid the vast collection of dairy-related objects. A marvellous space that combines heritage, science, and poetry in a modern museography.

Finally, learn about the wonderful adventure of the Lactalis Group, a family business that has witnessed and played an active role in the changing dairy industry.

At the end of the visit, enjoy cheese tasting and pay a visit to the shop.

Practical information

TOUR BY RESERVATION / Guided tours are available in English and Italian, for individuals and groups, with reservations required.

All year from Monday to Friday, every day during the summer holidays, and at weekends from April to September.

Contact the mediation team (Tel.: +33 (0)2 43 59 51 90 – Email:

Adult: €10 / 12 to 17-year-olds: €6.50 / 5 to 11-year-olds: €2 / under 5: free

SELF-GUIDED TOURS / Every afternoon, from 2 pm to 6 pm, during French Zone B holiday periods, during the summer holidays, and at weekends from April to September. Tour materials are available in English, Spanish and German.

Adult: €6.50 / 12 to 17-year-olds: €5 / 5 to 11-year-olds: €2 / under 5: free

Discover the Creamery at the Cité du Lait

The shop, open to all, is a large area offering more than 800 references. A cheese dairy, creamery, and grocery store all in one, the Cité du Lait boutique is above all a visitor centre, offering advice and, of course … gourmet treats!
You will find our cheese maker, Samuel, behind the counter. Today, he is delighted to use his skills and knowledge of dairy products to assist the clients he greets in the boutique.

Opening hours :

(variable hours. Visit this page

For orders or any other information, contact Samuel at or on +33 (0)2 43 59 51 91.



La Cité du Lait offers tailor-made solutions to surprise and cater for your guests.

A fully equipped, 108-seater auditorium and modular meeting rooms are available. Catering suited to your requirements is also possible.

La Cité du Lait is the ideal solution for your client and internal events providing gourmet offers: cheese and wine events, cheese buffets, cocktails parties. Or why not privatise the space for some exceptional dining at the museum?

You might also like to include original team building activities as part of your event.

CONTACT: Patricia Templon ( / +33 (0)2 43 59 51 58)

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